Four C’s, as if I stuttered.


Creativity, Critical thinking, Courage and Citizenship. I truly feel as though if you absolutely had to boil down LREI to four words, those would be them.

  • Creativity – The center of gravity (and I can thank Ileana for teaching me that term!) at LREI. Everyone has a creative side to them and LREI gives you room to explore your options and choose what satisfies that part of you. Although the arts are encouraged at EI, what satisfies your creative side isn’t always an art discipline. There are various mediums of creativity and one’s creative side is a deeply personal thing. It takes some time and patience, along with a little dabbling in different disciplines to let it finally hit you…but its an amazing moment once it does.

  • Critical Thinking – This, for me, is the “real world” element of LREI. Critical thinking is the key to what LREI preaches: take it from theory to practice. More goes into moving an idea into practice than brainstorming an idea does, and its important to be able to look at all sides of the ball game. Those who are satisfied with simple ideas aren’t critical thinkers; those who strive to take that further, are.
  • Courage – This definitely doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. For me, it means taking initiative. I feel courageous when I take it upon myself to make something happen for my benefit and the benefit of others, or when I do the right thing. For the most part, I’ve always been an outspoken loud mouth (admittedly, annoyingly so) therefore, speaking up isn’t necessarily courageous when talking about myself. But it takes a different kind of strength to stand up for a person or a cause, because its not mindless hardheadedness. There’s some thought behind it (dare I say critical thinking!) which makes it courageous.
  • Citizenship – Citizenship at LREI has a lot to do with courage. As I said, courageousness has a lot do to with simply doing the right thing; play your part within the community and everything will be fine. Valuing citizenship within yourself makes you a better member of the school community.

Not taking the three C’s with me in this next chapter of my life and implementing them in my senior project would be like not taking anything LREI has taught me during these past four years. They are all equally important and are essential to functioning in any community that I would want to be a part of in the future.


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